A Cornish Childhood

I was lucky enough to grow up in Cornwall, it’s an amazing place and allowed me to have an Enid Blyton-esque childhood (although the Famous Five spent much less time hanging around a rural bus stop and drinking homebrew than I did).

When we decided to start a family we both agreed that Cornwall was the place to do it and plans to move back to this beautiful county began. This left us with an employment question, I’ve always worked in the marketing industry, specifically data analytics and there is not much of that happening in Kernow yet.

Traditionally Cornish industry has been farming, fishing and mining. Sadly I didn’t have the necessary qualifications or facial hair to make it in these industries. Smuggling is illegal, that left us with tourism.

After briefly considering fudge making (not commercially viable, production/consumption incompatibilities) we decided holiday letting could be for us.

And so Lanneves Cottage Holidays was born. My great plan was to provide a beautiful place for guests to stay, happy and peaceful and with thoughtful touches to make it a holiday like my rose-tinted 1970’s Cornish childhood.

I think we’ve done it.

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