Operation Chicken Rescue

Free range boiled egg from Lanneves Cottage Holiday's chickens.

As part of our plan to live the “Good Life” chickens were fairly high up on the agenda.

I spent several happy evenings dismissing chicken coops on the basis they were either a) too agricultural or b) too Cath Kidston.

The shopping bit done, time to source an actual chicken. My hippy heart led me to the British Hen Welfare Trust, if we were going to have chickens I wanted to have sad chickens that we could make happy with love and vegetable peelings.

Then came the chat with the boy about intensive farming, I needed to prepare him for the fact that our chickens were going to be (in the words of the eloquent Daphne & Celeste) U-G-L-Y. He took it in his stride although for a while he was disturbingly obsessed with the “bad farmer” and had several dark punishments planned for him if we should ever meet. He was also under the impression that the nice lady from the British Hen Welfare Trust had used petrol bombs and a helicopter to rescue our chickens.

Finally Turbo, Daisy and Bod the Bod came into our lives. Previously my emotions around chickens have been fairly ambivalent, nice in Delia’s Coconut and Coriander recipe but I don’t have a meaningful relationship with any.

This has changed, I LOVE these chickens, they are dumb and they have personal hygiene issues but I love their beaky little faces. Not one person in this world can watch a chicken running  towards them and not smile.

In commercial terms I think we are still at a cost per egg ratio of about £17 but in deep abiding joy terms these chickens are providing a very healthy return.

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