Secret Garden – sometimes fate gives you a good day.

An abandoned Victorian swimming pool on the Lanhydrock Estate near Lanneves Cottage Holidays.

In my usual hectic schedule I had one hour and forty minutes to walk the dog, do the food shop and handbrake turn into the agricultural supplies place for a kilo of mealworms before heading home for nursery pick up. My dog walk was chosen for it’s efficient fit into project plan Headless Chicken (AKA Thursday).

It all went wrong. The car park for Hart Woods, coned off, taped up, if you are not on a mountain bike you are not coming in. Like an efficiency panther I came up with a solution. My solution was swear, reverse badly and throw the car into the nearest layby.

This is where it all went right, I found somewhere truly magical this week! This abandoned Victorian swimming pool on the Lanhydrock Estate was a complete surprise to me, I felt like I’d stumbled into a chapter of The Enchanted Castle. It was all beauty, tranquility and green, dappled sunshine…… (until a small Jack Russell with a brain the size of a crisp decided to launch himself face first into the water).

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