The pasty conflict

Cornish pasty

The great jam vs cream debate has raged for years down in the south west, just for the record the correct answer is jam first. Fact. Anything else is madness and if you are even considering cream first you are probably a deranged individual or worse genetically from Devon.

I think it’s time to start another row, quite frankly this country isn’t divided enough already.

I picked up our usual pasty crib from Barnecutt’s and it led me to question two things.
Which end should you start eating a pasty?
What the hell is the knobbly bit on the end of pasty called?

After extensive research (I looked at the pasty entry on Wikipedia) I can find no answers. I have decided that from now onwards the knobbly bit on the end of a pasty will be called “oggy knobble” and I shall be trademarking this shortly.

Worryingly I suspect that the Oggy Knobble™ should be eaten last and I have been eating pasties incorrectly for forty years. I’m not sure that I can change now. So I’m off to see if I can find an “I eat pasties the wrong way” support group, there probably is one on Facebook.

If you are over-invested in pasty eating, have an extreme view about the Oggy Knobble™ or even some actual pasty facts that you’d like to share please let me know.


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